Explore the Winding Road

Welcome to the Winding Road, providing direct access to authentic experiences, products, stories, and places that showcase the integrity of this place: Ohio’s Rising Appalachia!

Visit our About page to learn more about The Winding Road community growth branding initiative. This emerging, active brand aims to preserve and grow this beautiful, unique region of Ohio through grassroots community mobilization.

Our Experiences section will provide the beginnings of a guide to the experiences available through the work of the Winding Road. The experiences and products the Winding Road supports are broken down into sectors, which, through collaboration, will form a network of producers that will sustain community growth. We welcome any new additions to this collection of authentic local experiences.

We have a variety of opportunities for everyone – Outdoor Adventure, Arts & Entertainment, History & Heritage, and Food & Brew, Authentic Amenities and Youth & Education. To learn more about these categories and the process of creating them, visit our backbone organization website, Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area, which describes the creation of these Sectors in the Winding Road Network.

Take a look around and discover Ohio’s Rising Appalachia! Feel free to reach out to us and we hope to see you on the Winding Road!


Learn more about an important partner in the Winding Road Network: Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area. With community support and volunteerism, Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area, and their partners, are able to serve as a backbone organization, overseeing the administrative and marketing duties involved with the Winding Road.  Become a supporter today!



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