Winding Road MarketPlace

Winding Road MarketPlace!

Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area is working to establish a Winding Road MarketPlace, visitors center and small group meeting space at the OHCHA/Winding Road headquarters located at 117 West Main Street, Shawnee, Ohio 43782, in the heart of the Shawnee National Register Historic District and the Wayne National Forest.  Our headquarters are located in the building formerly known as the Community Exchange.  The MarketPlace will be offering artisan wares, books, local foods and souvenir items from around the region.

The MarketPlace invites artists, writers, local food producers and Winding Road stakeholders to join us as we collaboratively look for appropriate ways to share and sell their wares in the region. The shop will be have an experimental opening during upcoming events in Shawnee: Buckeye Trail’s Run for the Blue Blazes (October 1), Little Cities of Black Diamonds Day (October 16) and during Winding Road sector meetings being held here this fall.  If successful, a holiday shopping schedule will be considered for November-December.  Shopping by appointment will also be available after October 1.

One concept being considered is the establishment a Winding Road kiosk initiative (pictured on the right hand side of picture above) that would be installed at participating locations throughout the region. These kiosks could sell locally produced items while sharing information about Winding Road experiences.  If this is something your organization or business might be interested in considering please contact us to discuss your ideas.  We don’t have this figured out yet, so your input will help shape this initiative.
Interested Artisans and other producers may drop off their wares September 29th and 30th between 11am and 3pm and may schedule a different drop off time by contacting Jeremy Maple at  We reserve the right to accept/reject all offerings.  We suggest sending pictures or contacting us in advance of bringing items for consideration.  Contact THEWINDINGROADOHIO@GMAIL.COM to do so, and for more information about becoming a Winding Road MarketPlace participant.



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